4.5 Nov Beta of SoftGrid Server

Presenter: The video is led by Tim Mangan, founder of TMurgent Technologies.  This video focuses on installing the 4.5 Beta of the traditional, or "heavy weight" server in a pilot test with Sql Express 2005.

Recorded in November 2007, Episode 7 looks at the new Beta release of SoftGrid 4.5 Server.

We do a full install of Sql Server Express and the new Server, Management Server, and Management Console. We will take a look at what changes in these components, and how it might affect your existing implementations.

To demonstrate this, we will install and configure Sql Server Express 2005 SP2, plus the "Heavyweight Server", and deploy "Default App".

Pre-requisites: You gotta be a bleeding edge sort of person.
Length: 35 minutes.
System Requirements: QuickTime


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full video to watch offline 135MB (Right click and select "save as").  To view the video this way, you may need to download and install the camtasia camrec for the avi. Download it from this link at Techsmith.