Sequence, Deploy, & Run an Application

Presenter: This video is led by Tim Mangan, founder of TMurgent Technologies.  Tim created the original Sequencer Training Program while at Softricity, and did much of the early training of Softricity VARs.

Recorded in August 2006, Episode 1 is both a view for newcomers to SoftGrid and old hands.

If you ever wanted to see on how SoftGrid works, from sequencing an application through deployment to a user - here it is!  This isn't a marketing spiel - it's the real technical steps needed to deploy apps to thousands of users without touching their desktops. 

For the old hands, this is an example of sequencing a familiar tool that doesn't happen to have an installer.  The course demonstrates sequencing, deploying, and testing an application. Through the course, not only will the student improve their art, but be exposed to concepts such as using virtual machines, and adding tools to debug troublesome applications.

Pre-requisites: None.
Length: 17 minutes.
System Requirements: Macromedia Flash.