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A Failure to Launch
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Type: Free Version: N/A Updated: December 17, 2011 This is a free, live, interactive tool to help you with App-V 4.* Client Errors.    It requires a web browser with Silverlight. Enter error code and see causes, troubleshooting suggestions, and links...
And Then There Was Power
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Type: Free Version: N/A Updated: May 17, 2012 This is a Silverlight app that is a walk-through of the Windows Boot Process. A silverlight based app that walks you through the entire boot process, from BIOS, to pre-boot, boot, and post-boot...
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Type: Free Version: Updated: Oct 1, 2017 Solves issues with App-V 5 in roaming like environments for apps that save settings and data to non roaming locations. Add as script to DeploymentConfig.xml...
AppV_Client_Interaction, The APP
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Type: Free Information Version: Updated: March 11, 2014 Initial Version for App-V 5 SP2 AppV_Client_Interaction is a documentation tool for App-V 5.
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Type: Free Version: Updated: October 11, 2017 AppV_DefConGroups: Free tool that creates and manages Connection Group Files for App-V 5.  For use whenever you are not using the App-V Server or SCCM 2012 SP1 (or above) to deliver virtual apps. ...
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Type: Free Version: 2.4.0 Updated: November 12, 20151 AppV_DeployNPublish consists of four free tools, primarily for use on App-V 4.* clients configured for "standalone mode".  These tools are useful to deploy App-V Virtual Applications without a...
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Type: Free Location Version: Updated  July, 2020    Information, Download, and Documentation Pages Also see Version Change Notice. AppV_Manage A client test tool for App-V 5. The fastest way to test and debug your new...
AppV_Manage Analyzer Reports
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Type: Small Charge Location Version: Licensed Add-on to AppV_Manage June 22, 2015 AnalyzerReporter for AppV_Manage  While AppV_Manage is free, if you want Word documentation of the package analysis, you need this license.
AppV_SelfService (AVSS)
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Type: Free Version: Updated: August 31, 2017 AppV_SelfService (AVSS) is an alternative deployment tool for App-V 5 virtual application packages. AVSS is a flexible alternative for App-V distribution.  Intended for non-persistent and...
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AppV2MSIX   Easily convert App-V packages to MSIX with automation Includes option to automatically fix up the packages using TMEditX   AppV2MSIX is an open source PowerShell script that automates the conversion of a folder full of App-V packages to...