Custom Microsoft App-V Sequencing from TMurgent!

TMurgent Technologies is again offering Custom Contract Sequencing for App-V 4.6 and 5.0 on an hourly basis. We have skilled and trained Mangan's ready to take on your apps. 

For years we have been asked if we could do more than train your employees to sequence applications, but if we would do sequencing for you. We only did so rarely, just enough to keep our training "real". Today, this changes. We now have a select Boston based staff of extremely well trained associates that are ready to provide quality Custom App-V Sequences of your applications. While TMurgent is probably not able to handle your entire app portfolio, we can get your projects going on the fast track.  We not only provide the hard packages, we also document our work so that you can understand just how we did it.

In most cases, we would perform the work remotely, either on our equipment to remotely into VMs that you provide. But on-site work is also possible.  We expect you to throw the harder apps at us, so we charge strictly by the hour.

Start the conversation by telling us what you want. Use this link to fill in an on-line form Request Contract Sequencing Information and we will get back to you.