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NOTE: Since this release, the functionality has been added to the AppV_Manage tool, where it has been significantly enhanced. I will not updating this tool. I recommend downloading the AppV_Manage tool and using the Analyze button on your package.


LookAtAppVFile logoOne of the shortfalls of the App-V Sequencer is that it captures and characterizes all of the "extensions" that the captured software makes to integrate the application with the OS, with the User, and with other software, but it only shows a very small subset of that information.  I was working on some performance testing to isolate how certain kinds of application extensions affect the delivery and execution performance (due out Summer 2014), and wanted to verify what I thought was in the packages that I was testing.

Possibly others will find such a tool handy, so here it is.  There is no installer, just a zip containing an exe and a dll.


Unpack and run the tool.  Browse to an App-V file and click the Open button.  By default it does not enumerate all of the entries in the compression file, but if you select the checkbox to the left of the Open button first, it shows all of the files.

LookAtAppVFile application image


Version History  Initial version.

Download and Install Instructions

Here is the ZIP package:
   Compressed exe for LookAtAppVFile (130KB ZIP )

No installer, just unpack and run. Requires .Net 4.0.