A Developer's Guide to MSIX

This book is written for software developers interested in moving their existing products into MSIX for delivery and its advanced protections that ensure that their application will not be interfered with by anything else the end-user chooses to install.

The book will help you to understand the technology behind MSIX and walk you through the steps that your migration project will require. We'll help you understand the various small changes that will be critical to achieve a "high fidelity" software release that your customers will rave about.  Released in December 2021, this 226 page Ebook (PDF) was written by MSIX Experts from both TMurgent Technologies and Revenera. Don't start your project without first reading this book! 


Developer's Guide to MSIX (via revenera.com)

  Cover of Developers Guide to MSIX Book


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For IT Professionals that do not program, you should check out this free Ebook by TMurgent and Advanced Installer instead:

MSIX Packaing Fundamentals (via AdvancedInstaller.com)