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The AppVManifestEditor (AVME) user interface consists of a multi-tabbed interface. You click on one of the 6 tabs at the top of the dialog to select the major function that you want to work with. The links in the following table will take you to a detail page with information on the functions available on that tab of the user interface.

Topic Link to Page
Package Tab AVME/352-avme-package
Attributes Tab AVME/353-avme-attributes
Applications Tab AVME/354-avme-applications
Extensions Tab AVME/355-avme-extensions
Scripts Tab AVME/356-avme-scripts
TerminateChildProcesses Tab AVME/357-avme-tcp


This tab covers all of the App-V "Extensions".  On the left are additional tabs where you can select the extension type that you want to work with.  Generally, these sub-tabs display all of the extensions of that type, and typically allow you to remove an item by unchecking the "Enabled" checkbox.

Shortcuts Extensions

Shortcuts may be removed from publishing by unchecking.  The Arguments, WorkingDirectory, and Description fields are editable in-place.


The FTAs may be safely removed from publishing.  Note that they will still be available for processes running inside the virtual environment.  Sometimes the ProgId is included in the FTA definition, and other times (as shown above) they  were defined by the application by reference and appear in the bottom panel. 

URL Protocol Handler Extensions

When included in the package, you can uncheck an item to remove it from publishing.

Software Clients Extensions

A published software client advertises itself for other applications to locate via API, even when outside of the virtual environment.  In addition to removing the item by unchecking the Enabled field, you may check/uncheck the "MakeDefault" field.

Application Capabilities Extensions

Application Capabilities affects Default Programs and Search.  This interface simply allows you to identify the presence and to disable the publishing of the information.  Note: Publishing of Application Capabilities only affects machine (global) publishing.

AppPaths Extensions

The Path Prefix field is pre-pended to the existing path variable when the process identified Name is running.  You may uncheck the box to remove this from publishing.

COM Objects Extensions

Generally, you want to make COM publishing changes on the Attributes tab, not here.  On this interface, displaying the full definition of the object is problematic, so identifying information is not provided. The order in the list matches the order located in the input file, so you can match up to uncheck the publishing of an individual object here, but you are probably better off with manual deletion of the xml element.

Fonts Extensions

Fonts are only internally published, but affect application launch time.  Disable here if not needed.

Objects Extensions

The XML syntax seems to allow for not isolating (spoofing) specific objects within the package.  Generally, this list is either blank (object spoofing done to permit multi-user and multi-tenant operation),  or as a NotIsolatedlist item for "*" as shown above (which occurs if the sequencer option to allow the system to interact with all named objects is selected). 

If we see a demonstrated need to edit this list it might be added to AVME in the future, but for now you should probably avoid editing on this sub-tab.

Services Extensions

You can remove individual virtual services from publishing here.

Environment Variables Extensions

You can only remove entries at this time.  Note that although the XML supports a Delete object, in reality the sequencer creates an Include entry with no value if an environment variable is deleted during monitoring.

Side-by-Side Extensions

Uncheck to disable publishing of the VC++-Runtime and MSXML components.

Shell Extensions Extensions

Uncheck items to disable publishing of specific shell extensions.

Browser PlugIn Extensions

Uncheck to disable publishing of Browser Plug-Ins.

ActiveX Extensions

Uncheck to disable publishing of ActiveX components.