AVME Documentation of Tool Functions

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The AppVManifestEditor (AVME) user interface consists of a multi-tabbed interface.  You click on one of the 6 tabs at the top of the dialog to select the major function that you want to work with. The links in the following table will take you to a detail page with information on the functions available on that tab of the user interface. 

Topic  Link to Page 
Package Tab  AVME/352-avme-package
Attributes Tab  AVME/353-avme-attributes
Applications Tab  AVME/354-avme-applications
Extensions Tab  AVME/355-avme-extensions
Scripts Tab  AVME/356-avme-scripts
TerminateChildProcesses Tab  AVME/357-avme-tcp

 Opening and Saving Files

Open and save manifest files using the top part of the interface:

  • You can open a file by adding the filename to the command line.
  • You can open a file by clicking the "Edit" button to the right of the to the FileName box.
  • You can save a file by clicking the "SaveAs" button on the far right.  Always save into a new file rather than overwriting the input file.


The tool window is resizable overall by dragging an outer edge or corner. On may of the displays, you may drag a horizontal or vertical bar that separates two panels to resize the individual panels.

The Tabs on the top provide quick access to editing different portions of the file.  On the extensions and scripts tabs, additional sub-displays are accessed using the tabs on the left.


Microsoft does not document either the xml syntax used in  nor what may be changed in the file.  Therefore it is possible that you will break your package!  We recommend the following:

  • Make all other edits to your package before exporting the XML file from the sequencer.
  • After editing the file in this tool, save the file off in a different location.
  • Import the saved file into the sequencer.  If it fails to import, there is likely a syntax error in the tool.  Please report this using the  forums on this site.  Hang onto both the before and after xml files as I might ask for them.  Import the original file to continue with your package.
  • Save the package off without making additional edits.  There may be inconsistencies between what the sequencer knew before your edits and after you imported the changes. Further changes in the Sequencer GUI may undo your changes or just break things.