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The AppVManifestEditor (AVME) user interface consists of a multi-tabbed interface. You click on one of the 6 tabs at the top of the dialog to select the major function that you want to work with. The links in the following table will take you to a detail page with information on the functions available on that tab of the user interface.

Topic Link to Page
Package Tab AVME/352-avme-package
Attributes Tab AVME/353-avme-attributes
Applications Tab AVME/354-avme-applications
Extensions Tab AVME/355-avme-extensions
Scripts Tab AVME/356-avme-scripts
TerminateChildProcesses Tab AVME/357-avme-tcp

Attributes Tab

 Display Only Restrictions Panel

The Architecture Restrictions and the OS Restrictions fields are enforced by the sequencer based upon the operating system that you sequence on.  These fields are not editable.

OS Limitations Panel

You may use this section to restrict clients on certain operating systems.  This panel works much like the one in the sequencer.

COM Settings Panel

The full set of COM options are provided.  You may set the mode, and if Integrated is selected, you can individually set the publishing of in/out of process com objects.  Individual COM object publishing may be disabled in the Extensions-->COM subpanel.

Advanced Checkboxes Panel

The configuration extension options are editable here.