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The AppVManifestEditor (AVME) user interface consists of a multi-tabbed interface. You click on one of the 6 tabs at the top of the dialog to select the major function that you want to work with. The links in the following table will take you to a detail page with information on the functions available on that tab of the user interface.

Topic Link to Page
Package Tab AVME/352-avme-package
Attributes Tab AVME/353-avme-attributes
Applications Tab AVME/354-avme-applications
Extensions Tab AVME/355-avme-extensions
Scripts Tab AVME/356-avme-scripts
TerminateChildProcesses Tab AVME/357-avme-tcp


You can add scripts directly into the package.  No need to edit the external xml files any more!  The interface works much like the ACE tool for the external configuration files.  You must check the checkbox (on the left) to add in the entry.  The tabs on the left provide access to the six user scripts, or four machine scripts.

The Path fields are pull-down menus that allow you to select many of the standard executables, but you may also type in an entry.  The ApplicationId pull-down presents a list of the package ApplicationIds from the Applications tab so that you can't mistype them.

As a "Pretty-Good-Practice", we would recommend that for non-simple scripts, you should:

  • Create script files for each script scenario.
  • Use a script file name that includes the scenario, such as "UserPublish.cmd" and "MachinePublish.cmd".
  • In the Sequence editor, copy them into the pre-created Scripts Folder (you can't do that it monitoring mode, only in the sequence editor).
  • Then edit using this tool. 
    • Check the appropriate script type checkbox,
    • Select CMD.exe in the Path  pull-down field,
    • Type "/c ..\Scripts\UserPublish.cmd" in the Arguments field.
    • In most cases, you want to check the Wait checkbox.
    • For Add/Publish/Start scripts, might also want to check Rollback On Error checkbox (but typically not for Remove/Unpublish/Terminate scripts).

User Scripts

 Machine Scripts