The Debug Events Tab


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Hopefully you will rarely need to come to this tab.  It provides <I>maybe</I> one tiny crumb of useful information buried in an avalanche of useless information.

From this page you can manage and view events from the "Secret Hidden App-V Debug Event Logs". Right click on a log to enable/disable the log, or view the events.

These debug logs are disabled in the App-V client by default.  You must enable them to start collecting information.  This can be a lot of information so you want to remember to disable them when you are done!

The list is dynamic and will show all the available debug logs present in your App-V Client.  If you right click and select "Read All Logs (long)" it will read all of the enabled logs and display them in the right had side table, sorted by timestamp with the most recent on the top.

The reason for the menu saying "Enable and Clear" instead of "enable" is that these logs are cleared when enabled by Microsoft.  It seems like clearing on disable would make a lot more sense, but that is all the interface allows!