From BriForum Chicago in July 2012. A very early look at what changes in App-V 5.


This video is led by Tim Mangan, founder of TMurgent Technologies.  It was recorded in 2012 at the BriForum conference in Chicago, IL.

In this 75 minute video, Tim dives into all of the changes in version 5.

Although this session is based on the Beta version, it is pretty much on the mark for what we see in the final release

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Recorded LIVE at the BriForum Conference in Chicago in July 2012, this video dives into all of the changes for App-V 5.0. The link below will take you to the BrianMadden website, which is hosting the content.

Pre-requisites: None. Just click image below.
Length: 75 minutes.
System Requirements: Browser