CPU and Network

Presenter: This video is led by Tim Mangan, founder of TMurgent Technologies.  It was recorded at briforum 2006 in Darmstadt, Germany The video, slides, and accompanying software are [[[ CURRENTLY MISSING FROM THE BRIFORUM SITE - We are aware and are working on it ]]].

Recorded in April 2006, these two videos demonstrates a number of applications written to cause specific performance problems. We explore how to diagnose the problem and use this to dive deep to explain how the operating system works.

Part 1 deals with CPU and Network issues. We explore how multi-threading works inside the OS kernel, and explain how CPU performance add-on products help improve system performance.

If you visit the briforum site, you may also download the PPT slides from this session.

Language: English (US)
Pre-requisites: None.
Length: ~60 minutes.
System Requirements: Quick Time Movie or Windows Media Format.


[[[ We are sorry, but the video, hosted at BrianMadden.com has misplaced. We are working on this!]]]