Type: Free
Version: N/A Updated: March 25, 2013

The AppXManifest.xml file is generated by the sequencer and stored internal to the App-V file. The AppxManifest file contains the complete package definition for applications and extension points. Portions of the contents of the AppXManifest file may be overridden by either DeploymentConfiguration or UserConfiguration files.

Microsoft has done a half-hearted job to define the syntax in the external config files, with more of an example than definition, but have not defined the format of the internal AppXManifest file at all. While very similar, there are many things in the AppXManifest file that have not been seen in the external config files. Additionally, the syntax changes on a few items. This is a work-in-progress, currently built using information from about 80 different packages.

This XSD file that can be used in an XML editor to create and/or validate the syntax.  

Click to download AppV Manifest Schema XSD (Zipped)