Version: Service Pack HotFix Date Server Seq Client Notes
5.0.10321 SP3 HF2

April 27, 2015

    U fixes only

Link to hotfix: KB3060458

A hotfix for the clients addressing two issues:

The hotfix includes two update installers, one for the Windows Desktop clients and one for RDS Clients. No Sequencer or Server changes:

  • Office Click-to-Run applications do not start when you try to open Office documents from SharePoint.

Virtualizing Click-to-run apps, like Office 2013, with App-V introduced an issue opening files from SharePoint.  Microsoft believes that this fix resolves the issue.

  • App-V Client keeps COW handle open after logoff preventing user profile cleanup

When you run a virtual application and Copy-on-Write is invoked to redirect file writes, the App-V client keeps an open handle to the COW area on the user profile, even after the user logs off.  This interferes with profile cleanup issues such as profile deletion.  This is resolved.  

Note: Hotfix 2 includes Hotfix 1.  Also, the first issue is also addressed in SP2 Hotfix 6 (KB3065017)

See KB3060458 for additional details.