Version: Service Pack HotFix Date Server Seq Client Notes
5.0.10315 SP3 HF1

March 19, 2015

    U fixes only

Link to hotfix: KB3039022

Hey. A hotfix that appears to be a couple of fixes instead of features!

The hotfix includes two update installers, one for the Windows Desktop clients and one for RDS Clients. No Sequencer or Server changes:

  • Virtualized Adobe Acrobat (not Reader) crashes on Windows 7

There was an interoperability issue that would cause Acrobat to load the same dll multiple times from different locations and it would crash. Of course, there is the potential that this might happen on other apps, but we haven't heard of any. It is also possible that the issue will turn out to be specific to Adobe due to some special integration that the App-V and Adobe have been adding into App-V lately.

  • Stop Error triggered by apps like Adobe Acrobat

It seems that Adobe Acrobat uses dlls with a file type extension that Microsoft didn't expect. Executable components are supposed to be excluded from Copy-on-Write and because of the odd extensions these were not excluded. This could cause the App-V client to crash. We are not sure why that is such a problem, but apparently it is.


NOTE: We are aware that Adobe and Microsoft appear to care more that their products to work well together, so it is possible that future versions of Acrobat would eliminate the need for this hotfix. No word on if the issues listed also exist for prior versions of App-V 5.

See KB3039022 for additional details.