When you open an App-V package in TMEdit, the package contents are decompressed into a folder in your TEMP folder for processing.

During the opening of the package, progress in shown for the three distinct parts of the processing:

  1. Decompressing all of the individual files from the compressed archive into the Temp folder.
  2. Processing Metadata, including parsing of all XML and the Virtual Registry file into memory, and then analyzing this content.  The Analyzer starts at about the 60% mark on that display.
  3. Displaying the results. Packages with extremely large number of files or registry items do take a significant amount of time to display in the "treeview" style.

The location of this folder is displayed on the status line at the bottom of the TMEdit window. Normally, you don't need to worry about this location; the tool will take care of everything for you. By default, after you save off the package the folder and all its contents are removed. But there are a couple of situations where knowing the location can be helpful:

  • If you want to change out the contents of a file, you may just copy over the file while the editor is open.  As long as the filename and location do not change, when you save off the package it will use the updated file.
  • If you have a problem and wish to debug, you can disable the automatic removal option in the Tool Config tab of the editor.  After you save the package, you will find both original and updated copies of the important XML files, so you can compare what actually changed.

You can't do things like add or delete files from the temp folder; you must perform those operations in the Virtual Files tab of the tool.