Type: Free
Version: Updated: Sept 3, 2014


WhatWouldTimDo is a stand-alone "tool" that attempts to capture a framework to determine the best way to deliver virtual applications when you use App-V 5. The tool contains "answers" that match my current suggestions about deployment in different situations.  These are not "best practices" or even "recommendations".

To use the tool, just copy the exe file out from the zip and run it.  Go to the inputs tab and change the selections to match your situation regarding what you have in place today, and where you need to deploy the apps too.  Click the "Update Outputs" button when ready.

Now go to the tab for information on a particular client deployment.  The tool suggests current ideas on how to deploy, both from an architecture view,major configuration selections, and package streaming configuration.  On the output tab, you can fine tune options specific to the deployment scenarios that may affect answers. Hover the mouse over an item for basic description, but click on the item to see additional details (example below).


Here is the download: Download WhatWouldTimDo.zip