This is the first public white paper suggesting some best practices for Sequencing in SoftGrid (the old name of the App-V product).  It was probably written against SoftGrid 3.5 or so. It was associated with a two part video, Advanced Sequencing, which because the basis of how many people learned to sequence apps.

The paper was an outgrowth of my getting back involved with Softricity, this time to help their customers better use the product.  It really was the start of TMurgent as a training and consulting company built around application virtualization. 

This PDF lists the 10 Best Practices for Sequencing Applications using Softricity from Microsoft ( It comes from the two part on-line sequencing course on the web-site. While many of these best practices are now part of the standard training course, they weren't back then. They remain a good list to review once you have been through the standard training