Photo Attribution: Stuart MilesThe App-V 5 Research Series: Papers on the Deployment Performance of Various Application Contents using App-V 5 SP2 with HotFix 4

This collection is a series of research papers examining how certain types of application contents affect deployment performance when delivered with App-V.  In each case, I use custom packages filled with just one type of application content and test to see where it impacts performance.  Shared Content Store Mode is compared to local caching, and all combinations therein.  Each paper is 15 to 30 pages, making them a great light summer reading program for virtualization pros!

These papers will culminate with a presentation of the work at the BriForum Conference in Boston on July 21-23, 2014 that shows the relative effect of these different content types and what you should do about them when sequencing your packages.

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link to BigFile Research Paper

Big Files

This paper examines the effect of very large files inside an App-V package.

This paper closes the book on issues streaming large files, especially in Shared Content Store Mode. I mean that literally. I wrote an e-book last year on the streaming system and just how bad it worked in 5.0 SP1; while that book still provides great details about the streaming file system, the testing results shown in that book are now history!

It's safe to use SCS Mode now, but read this paper (and the entire series) before jumping in.

18 pages.

June 5, 2014 link to BigFile Research Paper
link to Fonts research paper

Virtualized Fonts

This paper examines the deployment and runtime effects of virtual Fonts inside an App-V package.. It also examines limits associated with fonts, by both the windows operating system and App-V.

Being the first of the papers more focused on deployment than at runtime, this paper also has coverage on the topic of how the test results should be viewed in consideration with how you should deploy the apps.

And for bonus coverage: Want to know a great way to crash the sequencer?  Read this paper! 

30 pages.

June 12, 2014

Files and Folders

What effect do large numbers of files or folders have? What about PVAD versus VFS? Or "Empty Folders"? Should you clean up your package? This paper provides some real numbers on the performance hits these items cause, and when they cause them.

30 pages.


June 19, 2014

File Type Associations

Do extensions like File Type Associations matter to performance?

Read this to find out.

15 pages.

June 24, 2014
File Type Associations!

Virtual Registry

How much overhead is there from the virtual registry? This paper answers with numbers using 50,000 registry objects.


12 pages.

July 3, 2014
Virtual Registry

Generic COM

What happens when you have 100 COM objects in a package? What about isolated versus integrated? Does it matter? This papers dives into Common Objects.


16 pages.

July 7, 2014
Generic COM

Virtual Services

This is the definitive paper on virtual services. How they work, problems that they cause, and what to do about it.

Oh, and it addresses the performance aspects of virtual services.


27 pages.

July 14, 2014
Virtual Services

VC and MSXML Runtimes

If you are thinking about deployment performance, this paper is a must read!  If you are security minded and don't give a hill of beans about performance, read it too.


14 pages.

July 17, 2014
VC Runtimes