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Signing and Re-signing packages

TMeditX will automatically sign your MSIX packages when you to add your code-signing certificate and password into the TMEditX configuration. 


You configure this in the tool configuration panel of the File menu tab shown here:


The option to update the package version will increment the last (or next to last if keep last level version field to 0 is selected) of your package.  With this option selected, in addition to incrementing the version field internally to the package, if the original file name included the version string, the proposed filename for saving will also increment.

With the "Update Package Publisher from cert" checkbox selected, TMEditX will ensure that the Publisher field in the AppXManifest file matches the subject field of your certificate automatically, updating the manifest when you save the package..

TMEditX now supports two signing modes.

  1. Using the Digicert KeyLocker service as an option for the package signing (shown above).  The Digicert Tools must be installed and configured separately. This mode will automatically timestamp the signed package using the DigiCert timestamping service.
  2. Using the Signtool command (included in the product) with a password protected PFX file.  When you select the signtool mode you may also specify the url for a timestamping service, such as "".