From BriForum Denver in July 2015. A look at all the ways App-V 5 lauchces applications.

Presenter: This video is led by Tim  and Patrick Mangan.  It was recorded in 2015 at the BriForum conference in Denver, Colorado, USA.

In this 75 minute video, we  show the details on the seven different ways that a process can get virtualized by App-V.   

The session also provides great insights into what these extensions actually are, how they work, and how to detect their presence in a package.

With Microsoft App-V 5.0, there are four different ways that processes become detected and virtualized. This is very different than 4.x, which used a launcher program to start virtual environments. In this session, Tim dives deep into the mechanisms in play to start virtual environments. He covers the new 5.0 SP3 options for Connection Groups (including recommended practices), RunVirtual, and Dynamic Virtualization (JitV). You will leave with a thorough understanding of the differences between these four techniques, and when and how to use each. Fair warning: bring your own aspirin as this will be a deep dive. You will learn:

  • Deep detail on App-V virtualization technology
  • New features in App-V 5.0 SP3 for Connection Groups
  • New features in App-V 5.0 SP3 for RunVirtual

Session Takeaway: Learn how to get plug-ins to work under App-V.

Pre-requisites: None. Just click image.
Length: 75 minutes.
System Requirements: Browser
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