From BriForum Boston in July 2014. A look at App-V Performance.

Presenter: This video is led by Tim  and Patrick Mangan.  It was recorded in 2014 at the BriForum conference in Boston, MA, USA.

In this 75 minute video, we  show the results of analysis of how different kinds of application contents, especially the extension integration points, affect the publishing performance in App-V.   

The session also provides great insights into what these extensions actually are, how they work, and how to detect their presence in a package.

Recorded LIVE at the BriForum Conference in Boston in July 2014, this video dives into some of App-V 5 extension types and their impact on performance. The link on the right will take you to the BrianMadden website, which is hosting the content.

Pre-requisites: None. Just click image.
Length: 75 minutes.
System Requirements: Browser
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