Windows Vista and Task Manager

Presenter: The video is led by Tim Mangan, founder of TMurgent Technologies.  Tim spends a lot of time poking into the guts of operating systems and you never know what he will find. The new Task Manager and Performance Monitor in Vista gives a good hint to changes in management information we will see in the Server version ?next? year too.

Recorded in November 2006, the Episode 5 doesn't look at Softricity at all, but instead we poke around the new Vista OS, looking at changes to the Task Manager and Performance Monitor.

If you are wondering, Softricity doesn't (as of November 2006) officially  Support Windows Vista. But they did add an OS tag and the client will install and run properly on Vista.

Some users report issues installing on Vista, but they are just running afowl of UAC (User Access Control). For Vista installation using Setup.exe, instead of the MSI, should do the trick.

Pre-requisites: You gotta be a bleeding edge sort of person.
Length: 15 minutes.
System Requirements: Macromedia Flash.