This class will be conducted by Tim Mangan
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Course held online thanks to our hosts at the PDS Training Center.
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Parallelweg Oost 13a
4103 NC  Culemborg
The Netherlands
PDS' offices are located 50m opposite of the train station "Culemborg". PDS can be found on the second floor.

Class # 120


Intended for IT Professionals involved in application packaging and desktop composition.
The unique style of training used accommodates both novices to MSIX, and those that have had substantial packaging experience. We cover all of the basics and provide time for students to challenge more difficult applications they bring with them, with expert guidance available when needed.  While we focus on MSIX, people that regularly package in other formats will benefit also.


As part of the class, you will receive the 2 Companion Guides.

Over 400 pages of what some call "the missing Packaging Books".

For remote students these may be delivered prior to the class to either your company or to individual home addresses. Please specify when registering.


Packaging in MSIX 


 In-Person        Remote option available 

13-16 May 2024


Europe daily class schedule for 4-day

CET    0900-1700m
GMT    0800-160m
US Eastern    3am-11am
Hosted by PDS Training Center, Culemborg, The Netherlands
Presented by TMurgent Technologies
TMurgent is bringing Tim Mangan and his world-renowned training back to The Netherlands, and now we focus exclusively on Packaging for MSIX.  
The Masters Packaging for MSIX class will be run by TMurgent. This 4-day class is designed to accommodate students that are new to packaging, new to MSIX, and especially those with significant prior experience. 
We will provide you with both theory and practical hands-on experience in our training lab.  We will cover the commonly used tooling from Microsoft, our own tools, and a few others as well.
We recommend the in-person classroom experience, however remote students are accepted in this class also.


The course is designed for people with a general background in IT and/or Packaging. We take students with or without prior experience in MSIX. Although Software Developers are not targeted for this course, and we will not be covering developer material, Developers are welcome.

There are no hard pre-requisites to be able to take the class, however, the following are helpful:

  • Knowledge and experience with general Microsoft Windows Administration.
  • Experience with other "packaging" techniques helpful.
  • Experience with Application Deployment.
  • Help Desk Experience.
The training site will provide desktop Computers to access the Labs.  You are welcome to bring your own VMs, on your laptop or back in your office via VPN, but we do provide all of the VMs you need. Remote students will provide their own VMs based on information we provide after registration.


IT Pro Masters Packaging for MSIX

A 4-day (in-person) or 8 half-days (when remote) hands-on class where you will learn the concepts, techniques, and latest tricks to be successful and packaging and configuring applications for delivery within the Enterprise using Microsoft MSIX.

Whether you use modern or traditional application delivery methods, the applications your company depends on must be customized, and in many cases remediated to work in today’s desktops. MSIX is the future for new applications, and while not all traditional applications will work in the MSIX container, this class will give you the ability to get the most application compatibility possible today.


1. Concepts of Packaging

  • Principals and rules of Packaging
  • Filter Drivers, Function hooking, and Dll Injection
  • MSIX technology overview
  • Principals of Redirection and Copy-on-Write
  • Anatomy of an installer package and the Windows API

2. Overview of Delivery Options

  • Including Configuration Manager, Intune, App Attach, PowerShell, and 3rd Party Managers.

3. Fundamentals of the MSIX Package Format and Runtime

4. Setting up VMs for Packaging and Testing

  • Setting up a MSIX Capture Station
  • Setting up a “Smoke Test” Station

5. Packaging with App-V and MSIX

  • Hands-on Labs covering Best Practices, VFS techniques, Modification Packages, Plug-Ins, AppInstaller updates, Shared Package Containers, the PSF Fixes, and package scripts.
  • PowerShell for MSIX
  • Using MSX Packaging Tool
  • The 7 fixups available from the PSF
  • Using PsfTooling
  • Using TMEditX
  • Using other Third-party tools for MSIX
  • Automation
  • MSIX App Attach, VHD/X and CIM

6. Debugging Techniques for MSIX and apps in general

7. Conversion from App-V to MSIX



The price of this class is € 2995,00 per participant.
We request that students from certain areas book with our training partner in their area.  All others may book directly with TMurgent or the hosting partner PDS.

Registration: Benelux Region and all in-person participants:

This course is open to the public with registration through our partner PDS.

Link to PDS Registration Site


Registration anywhere else:

This course is open to the public via the registration below through TMurgent (or your local partner in certain regions).
€ 2995,00 per participant. Payable in advance by any major credit card (through PayPal), or by check or Purchase Order
To register via TMurgent, click on the link below:
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This course is open to the public with pre-registration. Class size is limited to only 10 participants. Slots will be filled on a first come, first served basis (so don't delay!). Standard Registration closes 30 days prior to start of class but call +1 781-535-4954 for Late Registration. For more information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Product Versions Supported:



MSIX Versions:

The MSIX portion of the class is based upon the latest release versions of MSIX, including the Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool, plus third party tooling from TMurgent and additional vendors.

Tools included in the Hands on labs:

  • MSIX Packaging Tool (Microsoft)
  • Package Support Framework (TMurgent and Microsoft)
  • PsfTooling (TMurgent)
  • TMEditX (TMurgent)
  • MsixDeploy (TMurgent)
  • MSIX Commander (Pascal Berger)
  • MSIX Hero (Marcel Ototowski)
  • Process Monitor & Process Explorer (Microsoft)
  • DebugView (Microsoft)

Additional tools discussed:

  • Advanced Installer (Caphyan)
  • Admin Studio (Flexera)
  • RayPack (RayNet)
  • Master Packager
  • AppVantix
  • Citrix
  • VMWare


Class Schedule:

Classes run from 9am to 5pm daily (unless adjusted locally). Anticipated Morning and Afternoon schedule is shown below. Although the formal part of the class will end early Friday afternoon, we'll keep the labs open in the afternoon allowing for working with the Instructor on hard issues or, you can catch a flight.  If you must leave early, please don't book a flight departing prior to 5pm.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Introduction to MSIX Packaging Labs
Part 2
Packaging Labs
Part 3
Packaging Labs
Part 1

Debugging Apps & Windows

Packaging Labs
Part 4
The three major portions of the class are:
  • Concepts: Provides an in-depth understanding of the underlying concepts of Packaging, especially for Application Virtualization and MSIX. We also cover the "Windows API", from the prospective of the IT Pro - helping you to understand how the app intends to integrate with the OS and the End-User.  With this core knowledge in place, you are now ready to learn the packaging techniques.
  • MSIX Packaging: The other heart of the class. Demonstration of "best practice" techniques and techniques to package in MSIX, issues to look out for and alternatives to consider.
  • Debugging Skills. Provides a leveling-up in your ability to understand how Microsoft Windows and Applications interact, and practical use of the many tools available to debug broken applications and systems.