Version: Service Pack HotFix Date Server Seq Client Notes

August 17, 2015


HTML 5 based Server, Sequencer AppXManifest export, Multi-Scripts, and more

 Changes include:

  • Server Console re-written using HTML5 instead of Silverlight. (Client console unchanged)
  • Support for Windows 10
  • Merged Environment Variables in Connection Groups
  • Copy-on-write improvements
  • Export/Import of AppXManifest.xml file to allow much more package customization (See for a GUI based tool to edit it).  This change allows you to make most of the changes that you currently make in the external deployment/user configuration files inside the package, and more!
  • Ability to have Multiple scripts on a trigger.
  • Improvements to App-V 4 package conversion (Q drive issues).
  • Consolidated event logging on the client (not necessarily an improvement).

Download from MDOP or Volumne Licensing.  Information