Enterprise Consulting Services

TMurgent Technologies, LLP offers some consulting services beyond training. 

If you are an enterprise, these are common scenarios where bringing TMurgent in for a short engagement might make sense.

  • On-site custom training.

If you have 5 or more packagers, it might be advantageous to have us come to you ang get everyone trained.  We'll customize the training exactly to your needs!

  • "Quick Start" program, our fastest way to get an App-V project up and running.

 Often, an enterprise might want to quickly get going on their App-V project.  We'll put together a custom plan to get you going.  Typically, this includes a review of their current systems,  design architecture and deployment of systems, or review of the plans you already have in place, and sequencing of an initial set of apps to get you into Pilot mode as fast as is possible.

  • Contract Sequencing:

Remote Contract Sequencing by TMurgent.  Get the best working for you.

  • Problem Scenarios.  Having issues with performance? Slow logons? Don't understand the Citrix integration?  Should you use Shared Content Store mode?  Have us review your implementation architecture and propose solutions.
  • Specific App issues. Sometimes it is all about the App, and if you can't get this one app out it holds up an entire deployment.  Ask us for help. 


 Contact Mary Jane (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by email or phone +1 781-535-4954.