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About TMEditX for MSIX

TMurgent is well known for providing training and free tools, like PassiveInstall for general packaging, AppV_Manage and AppxManifestEditor for App-V, and PsfTooling for MSIX. The goal of this has been to improve both the workflow for IT Professionals producing App-V/MSIX packages and the quality of the work they produce. 

Following on the heals of the success of TMEdit as the go to tool for improving App-V packaging, and AppV_Manage as a testing platform, TMEditX is a new big step forward at those efforts for MSIX packaging.  The package contains two tools, TMEditX and MsixDeploy.

TMEditX allows you to leverage the Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool for what it is good at, and then to analyze the results and fix up your package without having to repackage again. 

TMEditX replaces the need for PsfTooling, including the same analysis and ability to inject and configure the PSF into your package, but also has the ability to solve issues not addressed by the Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool.  This allows you to create much better, "high-fidelity", packages and saves significant time when you discover the need to make changes as you test your new package.


After analyzing and applying automated fixups, you'll have full editing capabilities to the package properties, capability settings, registry and files.

TMEditX is a full fledged MSIX package editor tool that provides the most complete editing capabilities so far. But, it is much more than just an editor. You still need the Microsoft MSIX Packaging tool for the initial capture, however, TMEditX is built with the same kind of package analysis built into PsfTooling and because it doesn't have to rely on Microsoft to produce the manifest, we are able to go far beyond the current capabilities of that tool. Allowing you to capture once, it automates the fixes needed for many applications and allows you to test/fix without having to go back to recapture. 

TMEditX supports saving your package in MSIX format, but also can convert them for AppAttach as VHD, VHDX, or CIMfs formats.  This also replaces the need for other 3rd party tools to create AppAttach packages for use with services like Azure Virtual Desktops.

TMEditX is not free, however. The software is licensed on a per-user (i.e. packager) basis and comes with a year of maintenance and support. TMEditX has a fully-functional free trial mode, so you can completely ensure that you'll be satisfied with the tool before you buy.

TMEditX is offered as an independent product or bundled with TMEdit for App-V.  Current TMEdit customers also have an option to upgrade to the bundle.


A short video 7-minute of the product is HERE


TmMsixDeploy, also included, is the packager's testing interface.  It helps you find your packages, from which you can edit, install, or uninstall on your test station.  Additionally, the tool supports the creation/edit/installation of AppInstaller files. And for those on newer OS versions, it also supports the creation/edit/installation/uninstallation of the new Shared Package Containers. See TmMsixDeploy Introduction ( for more details.