This class will be conducted by Tim Mangan
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Online class for remote participation.

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As part of the class you will receive the 3 Companion Guides.
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Over 450 pages of what some call "the missing Packaging Books".

For remote students these may be delivered prior to the class to either your company or to individual home addresses. Please specify when registering.


Packaging in App-V & MSIX  


 Remote Only 
Nov 30-Dec 11, 2020

Americas daily class schedule for 10-day

Eastern    12-4pm
Central    11am-3pm
Mountain    10am-2pm
Pacific    9am-1pm

Presented by TMurgent Technologies


TMurgent is bringing is bringing his world renowned App-V and MSIX training online.  This class is widely considered to be the ultimate place to learn about App-V and MSIX Packaging.
Book With Confidence / No Cancelation Policy: Whenever a single student is registered and confirmed for a class, we will not cancel the class. Period.
The Experts Level App-V and MSIX Packaging class will be run by TMurgent.  This 10-day class will provide you with both theory and practical hands-on experience in our training lab.  This class is both for those who are new to App-V and/or MSIX, and those with prior experience already.
Note: The class is a 10-day class for 4 hours each day.


The course is designed for people with a general background in IT and/or Packaging. We take students with or without prior experience in App-V.

There are no hard pre-requisites to be able to take the class, however, the following are helpful:

  • Knowledge and experience with general Microsoft Server Administration.
  • Knowledge and experience with SQL Server Administration.
  • Experience with other "packaging" techniques helpful.
  • Experience with App-V Administration and Sequencing.
Remote students will be required to build your own VMs at your site prior to the start of the class:
  • Each student will require two Windows VMs.
  • Our pre-class prep kit will provide detailed written instructions, a video introduction to building the VMs, and installers for the tools needed.
  • Any type of hypervisor may be used, but the student must have access to create and revert to "snapshots".
  • You will need additional storage on a share for the application installers and created packages.
  • It is highly recommended that students have two monitors, microphone, video camera, and earphones.


IT Pro Experts Packaging for App-V & MSIX

A hands-on class where you will learn the concepts, techniques, and latest tricks to be successful and packaging and configuring applications for delivery within the Enterprise using both Microsoft App-V and MSIX.

Whether you use modern or traditional application delivery methods, the applications your company depends on must be customized, and in many cases remediated to work in today’s desktops. MSIX is the future for new applications, you will also need App-V because MSIX will be much more work for older apps and is currently incompatible with many of your apps.


  1. Concepts of Packaging
  • Principals and rules of Packaging
  • Anatomy of an installer package and the Windows API
  • Principals of Redirection and Copy-on-Write
  • Layering, Filter Drivers, Function hooking, and Dll Injection
  1. Overview of Delivery Options
  • Including App-V Server, SCCM, Intune, Store for Business, and PowerShell
  1. Fundamentals of the App-V Package Format and Runtime
  2. Fundamentals of the MSIX Package Format and Runtime
  3. Setting up VMs for Packaging and Testing
  • Setting up an App-V Sequencing Station
  • Setting up a MSIX Capture Station
  • Setting up a “Smoke Test” Station
  1. Packaging with App-V and MSIX
  • 7 Hands-on Labs covering App-V Best Practices, VFS and PVAD techniques, Plug-Ins, Connection Groups, RunVirtual, Pellucidity, Scripting, Templates, and Advanced Functions.
  • 7 Hands-on Labs covering MSIX Best Practices, VFS and Specified Install Folder techniques, Modification Packages, PSF Fixes.
  • PowerShell for App-V and MSIX
  1. Debugging Techniques for App-V and MSIX
  1. Using Third Party Tools with App-V and MSIX
  1. Conversion from App-V to MSIX


$3000.00USD per participant, payable in advance by any major credit card (through PayPal), or by check or Purchase Order.

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Book With Confidence / No Cancelation Policy: Whenever a single student is registered and confirmed for a class, we will not cancel the class. Period.

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Online version of the course includes: