White Paper on Operating System Task Scheduling
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This White Paper provides a primer on how an operating system performs the job of multi-tasking. It provides some level of focus on how the Microsoft OSs do multi-tasking, as well as some of the pitfalls that occur that cause applications to chew up...
What's Wrong with Those 16-bit Applications?
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This White Paper discusses why some older software, especially 16-bit legacy applications, chew up so much CPU and what can be done about it. This is especially important in a shared environment like a Terminal Server or Citrix. This is a...
Under-reporting Of CPU usage by the Task Manager
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This White Paper discusses how research on the Windows Task Manager (and other tools) reveal a consistent under-reporting of CPU Utilization on your system. Your system may be up to 5% busier than you think!  Sometimes you shouldn't trust...
Should you enable Hyper-Threading on Server 2003?
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This White Paper looks at how a multi-processor system operates with Hyper-Threading enabled and disabled under Windows Server 2003. It examines the benefits and issues associated with Hyper-Threading, making recommendations to customers...
DeNamiK LoadGen Beta Product Review
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This White Paper is a technical review of the Beta version of LoadGen from DeNamiK (http://www.DeNamiK.com). This new platform is designed for load/stress testing Citrix Terminal Servers. It offers the advantage of being simpler to use...
It's Time to Change the Timers
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This White Paper suggests the need for a campaign to shorten the basic HAL timer, used by the OS for a variety of purposes. The result is that as clocking speeds of our systems increase, the OS becomes less efficient. Our systems,...
White Paper on Perceived Performance: Tuning a system for what really matters
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This is the original White Paper that used the phrase "Perceived Performance", written back in 2003. This White Paper explains a concept we are often describing to customers - "Perceived Performance". In this paper, we describe a...
White Paper on Processor Affinity: Multiple CPU Scheduling
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This White Paper examines the use of Processor Affinity, the assigning of processes and threads to processors in a multi CPU system. In this paper, we describe different forms of Affinity, show some examples that you can try which help...
White Paper on Perceived Performance: Tuning a system for what really matters (Virtual OS version)
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This White Paper, presented at BriForum 2005 (http://briforum.com), presents updated research in the area of Perceived Performance. A new method of displaying results (the Perceived Performance Profile) is used as a tool to investigate...
TMurgent Developer Series White Paper: Moving to Visual Studio 2005
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For a while, TMurgent was doing some Software Development for a number of vendors selling into the IT space.  This paper was aimed at those Citrix/Microsoft partner companies we were working with. This White Paper is the first of the...
TMurgent Developer Series White Paper: When Applications Crash
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This White Paper, which provides ISVs with information on handling software crashes in the field, comes in two parts. In Part I, we visit "Dr Watson" (drwin32), a technique for recovering crash information from any windows platform....
TMurgent Developer Series White Paper: Porting C++ Applications to x64
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This White Paper, provides ISVs with an overview on porting C++ applications to the x64 platform. This paper covers both Win32 GUI apps as well as Windows Services. The paper is based on the results of porting a number of applications,...
Best Practices in SoftGrid Sequencing
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This is the first public white paper suggesting some best practices for Sequencing in SoftGrid (the old name of the App-V product).  It was probably written against SoftGrid 3.5 or so. It was associated with a two part video, Advanced...
Using ACT! Premium on Microsoft Terminal Services and Citrix
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This is a White Paper, which I wrote for Sage Software (http://www.sage.com), the parent company that makes ACT! It was part of a project to help certify how the product installs and performs under Citrix. As they didn't seem to copyright the...
x64 Servers: Do you want 64 or 32 bit apps with that server?
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This White Paper looks at x64-bit servers and software applications. It looks into the question of. whether we really want run-of-the-mill software applications to be 32-bit or 64-bit on the x64 platform. Some test results, plus an...
Implementing Sage SalesLogix in a Microsoft Terminal Servicer or Citrix Presentation Server Environment
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This is a White Paper, which I wrote for Sage Software (http://www.sage.com), the parent company that makes SalesLogix. It was part of a project to help certify how the product installs and performs under Citrix. In this case they did...
App-V Management Pack for SCOM by Microsoft
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This White Paper is a look at the new System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) Management Pack supporting App-V 4.5 released by Microsoft. In this paper, which is more of a product review, we look at the installation and configurability of...
TMurgent Review Series: A Look at AppTitude from App-DNA
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This White Paper takes a technical look into a product that proposes to automate and ease the pain of application migration by analyzing installation techniques and external library interfaces. This product, AppTiTude is from a company...
About HyperV_MON: A Free Tool from TMurgent
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This short PDF explains HyperV_Mon, a free tool that you can download from the tools section of the website to better understand CPU performance in a Hyper-V world.
Microsoft App-V 4.5 Client in Stand-Alone Mode
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This PDF explains everything you might ever want to know about using the Microsoft App-V 4.5 Client in "Stand-Alone" Mode. It includes possible customization of the MSI and using the MSI with Streaming.
TMurgent App-V Series White Paper: Windows Server 2008 RDS CALs and App-V Licensing
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This White Paper explains changes to App-V Licensing that Microsoft made. It explains why so many people already have licenses for App-V!
App-V DSC Transparency Research
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This White Paper presents research on how App-V 4.6 "Dynamic Suite Composition", or DSC, works at a detailed level. In the tests described in this paper, we see that the implementation of DSC is not consistent, and leads to potential...
TMurgent Performance Series: Perceived Performance Reloaded
Hits: 15203
This is an update to Perceived Performance to look at VDI and thinking about Cloud Computing performance in the future. This was presented at Briforum 2011 in London and Chicago.
TMurgent Opinion Series: Welcome To The Dataverse
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This paper outlines the authors current thinking around handling data, especially in the era of Cloud Computing. This was presented at Briforum 2012 in Chicago.
Pellucidity and Deletion Objects: Connection Group Layering In App-V 5
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This White Paper presents research on how App-V 5 performs client side layering of file and registry systems. In particular, the paper shows how "Connection Groups" works at a detailed level, including Pellucidity of containers and the...
The case statement for why Software Vendors should support Microsoft AppV
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This white paper can help you make the case for why a software vendor should support App-V.
Performance Comparisons of Win32/.Net/WUA
Hits: 5227
Image Attribution: Winnond   What impact does how an application is devolped have on the performance aspects of deploying and running applications?  We all have ideas on the impacts, and it is a common assumption that the other bennifits of...
MSIX InstalledLocationVirtualization
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  InstalledLocationVirtualization is the next big improvement to MSIX. Although overlapping functionally with the PSF, the ILV is not a full replacement for the PSF’s FileRedirectionFixup or MFRFixup, as these will also be needed in a...