ALUMNI - Kate Mangan

Photo: Kate ManganTMurgent Technologies Alumni

Title while on staff: Technical Shaman

Present Occupation: Working in IT at a Regional Bank

The older of the siblings; not shy about telling it like it is. Kate recently was working for us as a consultant doing contract sequencing and other IT things dealing with getting applications to the desktops, servers, and virtual machines. But now she joined the Bank that she consulted for as a full-time employee.

A graduate in Computer Science from Bridgewater State University, Kate earned some practical IT experience by working on the help desk for Faculty and Staff at the University. She is well versed in App-V, she was working as a consultant for the contract sequencing services side of the house, and co-wrote the original version of the App-V 5 PowerShell book.

Kate earned her Gold Award in Girl Scouts. 

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(+1) 781.535.4953