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Version: 4.1 Updated: November 11, 2009

A Solitaire game with over 100 variations, many unique to this set. Most of these games are harder to win than you will find elsewhere.

On and off, over a span of 20 years, Tim built this program for Mary Jane to use at home. Sometimes Tim uses this as an example for a simple App-V sequence in our training classes. Over the years, so many people have asked for the program itself after seeing it, that we decided to make it free for download to the public.

Solman is a collection of over 100 solitaire games in a single package. From the traditional, to the really hard and/or unusual, you will find games you know and games you have never seen before. The Arachnoid games, for example, are a series of games that I invented borrowing off of a couple of different games to create a unique challenge. Some of these games would require a VERY large table to play with real decks, which makes playing them on the computer the only practical option.

No installer, just click the link below to download the zip and unpack the contents into a folder. The game is free to use, but I ask that the game itself not be posted elsewhere so that people have the opportunity to donate here. If you like it, please consider making a donation of $10 or more.

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        Solman 4.1 Zip        (Appx: 12MB)