The Software Developers Guide to App-V

If you are a software vendor selling into the business market, your customers ARE attempting to use Microsoft App-V to deploy your software application. There is a reasonable chance that some of them are having problems. Get in front of this!

Download this 6 page whitepaper from TMurgent and learn how to put together an internal project to verify compatibility with and support use of your software with Microsoft App-V..

The Software Developers Guide To AppV.pdf

Maybe you can do this on your own.  If not, contact us.

Software Vendors might want assistance in making their product more App-V or RDS ready.  This might include an analysis of their software, App-V package creation, or white papers documenting how to use App-V with their product.  We can also make recommendations regarding use of the software in RDS, XenApp, or Horizon scenarios, either oriented towards customers or your internal development team.  We also can assist in working with the development team working with Microsoft Project Centennial.


See Tim Mangan talking to Citrix Ready partners at Citrix Summit on why they should support virtualization with App-V and how to go about it The Case for Supporting App-V.

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