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This two part video series is an on-line training course on Sequencing using SoftGrid from Microsoft/Softricity.  This series was recorded in 2003 and is a bit dated, however, it remains a thorough introduction to sequencing.

Each part runs around 30 minutes. This is intended as an additional training, once you have taken a regular training course on Sequencing. The video describes lessons learned in a customer project that required sequencing some very nasty legacy applications, and presents a series of Best Practices for sequencing. The video was recorded in 2003, and may be a little dated, but it never hurts to hear different ideas, or even the same ideas described differently. Since this course was first recorded, many of the concepts and ideas have been incorporated into the course as taught by Softricity.

These educational videos are provided for the education of the community free of charge. All videos are Copyright © TMurgent Technologies, and may be freely viewed from the site. Copying to another website is a no-no, but we encourage posting of links to this site.


Part I
Part II
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