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Licensing TMEditX with TmMsixDeploy

TMeditX has a fully functional 30-day free trial mode.  So you can fully check it out before you buy.

The TMEditX license provides the right for a single named user (as in someone that uses the tool for packaging) to use the software on as many machines and VMs as you need.  The license is perpetual, so you can use it forever.  You also have the right to install any new versions released within one year of purchase.  Releases after that will require you to buy a new license key. 

The first time you run the tool, or randomly on launches after that until activated with a valid license key, it will prompt you to either continue with the trial or to enter the activation code.  You can also access the activation code entry using a button on the Tool Config tab.

To obtain a license you can purchase a license online at this link on the website or use the button on the Tool Config tab of the tool.