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TMEdit  The Ultimate App-V Package Editor


Menu: Extensions: App Viewer

Note: This tab is an advanced experimental display.  It might not last long in the product, and we are interested in feedback on the usefulness (or not) of it.

The concept is to show a view of the package that includes the hidden relationships not enforced by the XML format but are required to be respected.  This primarily revolves around the concept of AppID.  The App-V schema uses AppID as parameters/sub-elements to many elements, such as Shortcuts, FTAs, URLs, and more.  There is an independent ApplicationID element in the schema, and these AppID entries must match that of an ApplicationID. 

There is nothing in the schema itself to enforce this relationship, but the client needs the mapping to work.

We have found:

  • It's OK to have unused ApplicationID elements.
  • The value string used for these identifiers as created by the sequencer are always a variablized path to a file to be run, but we can actually use any string.