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Menu: Child Procs

This Menu display supports the ability of the App-V client to clean-up unwanted windows processes.

The page enumerates all applications that are directly user startable, either from shortcuts, file associations, or protocol handlers.  The display shows this application in "ApplicationID" form.

If you enable one or more of these items, the App-V client will monitor the application and when it closes, the App-V client will automatically kill any child processes that it spawned.  These might be hidden background processes, or hard to see processes that show as icons in the icon area of the Windows start bar.

Left to run undetected, these processes eat up memory for themselves and keep the App-V virtual environment open (using more memory). It also keeps the App-V packaged locked, which may interfere with package upgrades.  On a published application system, like Citrix XenApp or RDS RemoteApp, this also can keep a user's RDS session open long after the user thinks they logged out.

Changes made here will be reflected in both the internal AppXManifest file and the external DeploymentConfig file. Currently, the App-V client has a bug ignoring the internal file, so you will need to use the external file when you add the package to the client.