This class will be conducted by Tim Mangan
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Course held at the training center at:
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Kasernenstrasse 27
3013 Bern
+41 31 382 44 44
The unique style of training used accommodates both novices to App-V and/or MSIX, and those that have had substantial packaging experience. We cover all of the basics and provide time for students to challenge more difficult applications they bring with them, with expert guidance available when needed.
As part of the class you will receive the three Companion Guides.
image of training guide cover Over 300 pages of what some call "the missing Packaging Books".

Packaging in App-V and MSIX 


11-15 May 2020

At RealStuff Informatic, Bern Switzerland
Presented by TMurgent Technologies
TMurgent is bringing Tim Mangan and his world renowned training back to Switzerland, and this time we cover the world of Packaging for App-V and MSIX.  This is the first publicly scheduled class for such training in the world!
The Experts Packaging for App-V and MSIX classe will be run by TMurgent. This 5-day class consolidates our world-famous App-V training classes and expands upon that to help you prepare for the future of MSIX as well. We will provide you with both theory and practical hands-on experience in our training lab.  This class is both for those who are new to App-V and/or MSIX and those with prior experience already.  

The course is designed for people with a general background in IT and/or Packaging. We take students with or without prior experience in App-V.

There are no hard pre-requisites to be able to take the class, however, the following are helpful:

  • Knowledge and experience with general Microsoft Server Administration.
  • Knowledge and experience with SQL Server Administration.
  • Experience with other "packaging" techniques helpful.
  • Experience with App-V Administration and Sequencing.
The training site will provide desktop Computers to access the Labs.  You are welcome to sequence on your own VMs, on your laptop or back in your office via VPN, but we do provide all of the VMs you need.
Full 5-day class: tbd per participant.
App-V Versions:
The Microsoft Application Virtualization portion of the class is based on version 5.1/5.2.  We primarily will work with Windows 10 x64 operating systems. Additional information about the App-V portion of our public training classes, including feedback from a number of students may be found at this link.
MSIX Versions:

The MSIX portion of the class is based upon the latest release versions of MSIX, including third party tooling from additional vendors.

This course is open to the public with registration through our partner RealStuff. There are limited seats available to this class.
Link to Registration site:   (for course description and details and registration)

Notes:  Book today as space is limited. 
             Registration will close 20 days prior to class in order to ship the right number of training guides to the site.
Course Includes:
  • 4 days of Masters Level Microsoft Application Virtualization Administration and Sequencing course.
  • Access to Hands-on Lab.
  • The GridMasterTraining Companion Guides for Concepts, Administration, and Sequencing for App-V 5.1/5.2.


Hotel Information:
Map of Bern and Course Location
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The location of the class is:
Kasernenstrasse 27
3013 Bern
There is a hotel in the same building, but you are free to stay wherever you like.