Type: Free
Version: Updated: September 5, 2013

This tool was written to investigate what part of partially cached files are present in App-V 5.  It provides deep detail on a per file basis -- not only how much is cached but also which parts!

No installer, just an exe. Point it at a package folder and hit the button.

Here is an example screenshot:

Just mouse over the OnDisk entry when you see a mismatch and it lists which portions are present.

What is this Sparse stuff?

App-V uses a basterdized version of Sparse files. This will be explained in my new book when it comes out.

What does Test_Directory cost?

TMurgent believes in giving back to the community.   Test_Directory is free for use by all.

What OSs will it run on?

The tool will run on Windows XP and above. There is only a 32-bit version of the tool, but it works equally well on x64 systems.

How do I install these tools?

No installer. Just download, unzip, and copy the exe somewhere convenient.

Are there more free tools?

TMurgent has a bunch of tools on this page. Usually they are free, unless you are a Software Vendor.

Here is a link to the ZIP package:    Test_Directory.zip (size 1.7MB )

Where Can I buy the book to learn more?

The book, when completed, will be published through Lulu and you can find it from this page when published.