Image Attribution: Winnond

What impact does how an application is devolped have on the performance aspects of deploying and running applications?  We all have ideas on the impacts, and it is a common assumption that the other bennifits of developing in a more modern application framework probably are counterred by increased sizes and resource utilization, thus decreases in performance.

These two white papers look to test out our assumptions and provide some data points on which to sharpen our ideas.

Tests were run on "as identical code as is possible" for applications developed:

  • C++ Tranditional "Win32" unmanaged code.
  • C# .NET based managed code
  • C# Winodws Universal App

These tests were all performed on a Windows 10 operating system for consistency.

The white papers sepperate out the impact of large amounts of code in one, and code handling large amounts of data in the other.

Download PDF: Performance Versus Data

Download PDF: Performance Versus Code