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Terminate Process While Unpublishing App-V 5 package

1 year 3 months ago #328 by howard.pycock
Replied by howard.pycock on topic Terminate Process While Unpublishing App-V 5 package
Please can you expand on what you did in SCCM to workaround this? You mention creating a new deployment type. How was this configured? Thanks

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2 years 9 months ago #174 by Kahuna
More than likely, the App-V package had a Shell Extension that caused the user's desktop explorer.exe process to keep the package open. Connnection Groups are a second source of potential issues.

The unpublish request is placed on a pending queue and will eventually be retried (when another App-V publish/unpublish/add/remove request is made). There is a chance that, over time, things will clear out as the end-user won't have triggered the shell extension yet, but the design works better with the App-V server delivering than SCCM. Still, there are things that you can do. A PowerShell script (possibly pushed out by SCCM) could. check for running virtual processes and kill them and then try the unpublish.

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2 years 10 months ago #160 by vijay.belgaum
Hi Team,

We have sequenced an application & published successfully via SCCM. Shortcut launches as expected & While un-publishling the package via SCCM, it throws an error which states that the target application is currently in Use. Reason being the main process is still running as system tray icon and this is same process that gets triggered when launching the application shortcut.

We understand that the application cannot be unpublished while the virtual environment is in use.

Have tried executing the script to kill process in the following execution modes and also tried adding the exe in "TerminateChildProcess" but none of these options are working.

The parent process is in use, so the script doesn't get triggered in the mentioned execution modes

Is there any way to kill the parent process using a script before Unpublishing.

We did find a workaround by creating new deployment type in SCCM that will kill process before the Uninstall deployment gets triggered and this works fine. But we would like to know if this can be handled via App-V package via Manifest file or Configuration file. Please suggest.

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