Type: Free
Version: Updated: March 15, 2012

IWillCrash is a tool designed as a bad application that will crash itself. The purpose of this is to test tools to detect application crashes and tools to provide application remediation.

This release consists of a GUI tool with a button. Click the button and it performs a divide by zero operation and the app (not the OS) crashes. Screen shots of before and afer are shown below

IWillCrash before ScreenShot

IWillCrash after ScreenShot

Download links are at the bottom of this page.

What does this tool cost?

TMurgent believes in giving back to the community.   IWillCrash is free for for use by all.

What OSs will it run on?

The tool will run on Windows XP and above. At the time of this writing, the Windows 8 Beta version is the lastest tested.

How do I install it?

No installer. Just download, unzip and copy the exe somewhere convenient.

Are there more free tools?

TMurgent has a bunch of tools on this page. Usually they are free, unless you are a Software Vendor. Tools for performance have a segregated list here.

Here is the ZIP package:    IWillCrash Zip (70 KB )