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Version:   August 2, 202`   AVME Introduction and Download

AppVManifestEditor (AVME) is a GUI editing tool for Microsoft App-V "AppXManifest.xml" files.  Use on the sequencer to fully customize your package.

The App-V Sequencer provides only limited support for customizing your captured application, mostly removing shortcuts and file type associations as well as certain package settings that may be configured.  To truly customize the package, you needed to manually make changes while in monitoring mode, or purchase the AVE external package editor.

In App-V 5.1, Microsoft enhanced the sequencer to allow you to export, edit, and re-import the AppXManifest file which is the heart of the package.  But they don't document the syntax or release a schema for it.  This tool provides a graphical interface for editing the file, without you having to worry about the XML syntax.  With it, you can disable the publishing of most extensions individually, access configuration items not available via the sequencer, add scripts and, add TerminateChildProcess and AssetIntelligence entries.

If you have used the ACE tool to edit the external App-V Xml files, you'll love this tool.

See AVME Introduction and Download for details.