Version: Service Pack HotFix Date Server Seq Client Notes
5.0.3404 SP2 HF5

June 13, 2014

    U Features?

Link to hotfix: KB2963211

This hotfix is really a feature release.

  • Connection Groups may now include both Global and User published applications at the same time.  To use a connection group with mixed-published apps, the connection group must be enabled to the user. 
  • Publishing of packages and enabling Connection Groups now have an additional option available via the PowerShell interface.  This option, -UserSID allows for publishing to a different user account than you are logged in using. It is necessary that the local profile for this user already exist on the OS.
  • Deprecation notice for the PackageStoreAccessControl configuration control for the App-V Client.  This is a new feature added to SP2 that caused more issues than it solved.  No change to the software is in this hotfix; Microsoft is just warning us that they may remove the feature in a future release. [NOTE: The feature was removed in SP3].

The hotfix includes all previous SP2 hotfixes.

See KB2963211 for additional details.