Automatic or Self-Selected Distribution of
     App-V, AppX, and MSIX packages.




PullApps Overview

Why push apps out to user desktops and VMs when you can pull them in? PullApps is a small agent that you can deploy with desktops to deliver virtual and the new container based application packages without a big clunky back-end server and even more management consoles.  

Supports both automatic delivery, or can be used in a "Self Service" model where packages get authorized but the user selects which ones to deploy.

And all you need is a file share/web virtual folder on the back end.  How simple is that?

But you can add user-specific authorizations based on Active Directory security groups and/or Azure Active Directory User Groups to authorize the packages as well.

Best of all, PullApps is a free community tool supported by TMurgent.

  Check it out today, watch the 4 minute video demonstration.



Additional Documentation:

PullApps-FAQ                    Answers general questions about PullApps.

PullApps with Azure Active Directory        Information on setting up your Azure Tenant if AAD used.

PullApps-Installation        Download the installer and learn about Silent Installation options.

PullApps-Registry             Registry based configuration documentation.

PullApps-Events               How to find PullApps event log.

PullApps-Service              Documentation on the Windows Service.

PullApps-SelfServe App    Documentation on the Self-Serve App.