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Menu: Extensions: Browser Plugins

The Browser PlugIns page of the Extensions Menu enumerates and categorizes the various forms of plug-ins and extensions to the Internet Explorer (excluding ActiveX based plugins), and sometimes other very old versions of browsers like Firefox. The categories include:

Browser Extensions:  These items appear in the tools menu of the browser and sometimes icons in the tools area.  The implementation may be a COM dll, an Exe, or a script (such as JavaScript).

Browser Helper Objects: These items help other programs use the browser. Adobe Reader is a well known application that includes a BHO.

Explorer Bars: These appear as a set of tool icons, like the old google toolbar. 

Tool Bands: These appear as either horizontal or vertical bands in the document window with additional functionality.

Context Menus: These act like a Windows explorer FTA Context menu.  It lets the user right click on a link in the page and pops up a menu based on the type of the file.