The App-V AutoSequencer  provides a way to automate the Sequencing of Microsoft App-V packages.

As the AutoSequencer is mostly PowerShell based, we have documented some improvements to the provided PowerShell that we recommend if you are using the AutoSequencer. You can read about those improvements in this blog article.


The AutoSequencerXMLEditor is both an editor and a run-controller for such a customized implementation and works with the customized format of the xml input file described in that blog.


Just unpack the zip file from below to get the standalone AutoSequencerXMLEditor.exe and sample XML controller file.  Run the exe and load up the sample xml file. 

  • Change the name of the VMName to the name of the VM you will sequence on
  • Change the output folder as appropriate. 
  • Start with the DisableAll button to disable all of the entries in the sample. 
  • Then edit the top entry and enable it.  Obviously you will have to alter the fields in that first entry to your requirements for a package to be created. 
  • Save the file, and click the RunAutoSequencer button on the bottom left.  

Only enabled entries in the file will be processed, but the tool takes care of reverting the VM, starting it up, injecting your source files, kicking off the sequencing, and capturing the results.

Once you get that first app working, you can go back and edit additional entries.  In my environment, an average app takes about 5-6 minutes. So a file of 15 enabled apps would be about 1 hour 20 minutes.