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TMurgent Technologies

26 Angela Street

Canton, MA 02021 USA

(+1) 781.535.4954

TMurgent Technologies Contacts

Launched in the summer 2002, Founder Tim Mangan started TMurgent after getting Softricity started up. With his long career developing software products in both the systems and networking areas, Tim started a consultancy focused on the interactions between software applications and operating systems.



Timothy Mangan
Photo: Tim Mangan


Tim Mangan is the Founder of TMurgent Technologies. Prior to launching TMurgent, Tim was with many software and/or hardware companies including Softricity, Sync Research, Tylink, Avanti Communications, Memotec, Teleglobe, Infinet, and ComputerVision.  Somewhere in between he also did consulting work for the WAN side of a major US bank.  At one point he was also the President of the Frame Relay Forum, an international consortium of Communication Carriers, Vendors, and Users. Tim speaks at many conferences and has been awarded by Microsoft as a "Most Valuable Professional for Application Virtualization" and by Citrix as a "Citrix Technology Professional".

(+1) 781.492.0403

Mary Jane Mangan
Photo: Mary Jane Mangan

Prime Minister

We had a hard time picking out a title for Mary Jane, but we kind of like this one. Her role is pretty much to take care of all the details, both internally and externally.

By training a Professional Dietitian and by vocation a Professional Volunteer, her primary unique qualification is hanging around Tim long enough to understand him. Please contact Mary Jane to schedule all training classes.

(+1) 781.535.4954

Patrick Mangan
Photo: Patrick Mangan


Probably the only person in the world that has worked with Application Virtualization for over half of his life, Patrick was an unofficial tester for SoftwareWow way back in 2000.

Patrick has been doing contract App-V sequencing for us since 2011. He also helps out with teaching portions of the App-V training classes.

Patrick is an Eagle Scout, and is pursing an degree in Engineering on the side.


Kate Mangan
Photo: Kate Mangan

Technical Shaman

The older of the siblings; not shy about telling it like it is.

A graduate in Computer Science from Bridgewater State University, Kate earned some practical IT experience by working on the help desk for Faculty and Staff at the University. She is well versed in App-V, and works as a consultant for the contract sequencing services side of the house.

Kate earned her Gold Award in Girl Scouts.

(+1) 781.535.4953