TMurgent Technologies

Destination for Application Virtualization

Software Development

ISVs ask TMurgent to help them because of the expertise that TMurgent can bring to assist their development staffs. This can include help with:
Kernel Development
Kernel software development in C and C++, especially filter drvers and debugging.
Native API
User Mode programming interfaces to the "undocumented" kernel access routines. This can either provide considerably more efficient access to system information for management products or making kernel level controls available to user mode programs.
WMI experience
Experience in developing decoupled WMI Providers. This allows the vendors application to be managed by WMI enabled tools. Not only can these tools read information from the software, but can set control parameters and make function calls. WMI Eventing makes for an efficient tracing mechanism as well. Of course, TMurgent can help with accessing WMI information using a variety of languages or scripting technologies as well.
Terminal Servers/Citrix
Correcting Application design issues in a shared environment. Registry and Database access. ICA and RDP sub-channel access, including remoting client-side USB port access to server based applications.
Architecture and Design
The best way to ensure a good product is to start with good plans. Leverage the experience of TMurgent in your product designs. Whether to educate your staff on existing technology before you design, or help/produce a design, or review your designs before you build.
Solving Performance Issues
Performance problems can come from a wide variety of places. Understanding how to isolate these complex, often multiple issues is key to solving the problem. Leverage the experience TMurgent can bring when the "sh*t hits the fan".