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TMurgent Technologies

26 Angela Street

Canton, MA 02021 USA

(+1) 781.535.4954

TMurgent Technologies is all about understanding the grey area where applications and the operating system meet.


TMurgent works with Enterprises, Microsoft Partners, and Software Vendors to adapt software to meet today's environments;

TMurgent does original research, training, consulting, and software development.


Launched in the summer 2002, Founder Tim Mangan started TMurgent after getting Softricity started up. Softricity is the company Microsoft acquired for the now named "App-V" product. With his long career developing software products in both the systems and networking areas, Tim started a consultancy focused on the interactions between software applications and operating systems.

Management & Contacts

For information on the principals and on contacting TMurgent, Click here.

Centers of Focus

TMurgent has four centers of focus:
TMurgent performs original technical research. Sometimes for hire, but often just for the community in the form of White Papers, Videos, blog articles, and Seminars. Giving to the community is very important to us.
TMurgent runs public and private training classes on Microsoft App-V. Through our partnership at GridMasterTraining, ww co-deveope the Masters Level App-V Training Materials used by TMurgent (worldwide), Big Hat Group (in Canada), and our newest partner Nicke Kallen (in Sweeden). In addition, we can perform custom classes for Software Vendors and their unique needs for working with App-V. For more information on training, Click here
TMurgent offers hourly consulting services for our area of expertise in Applications. The primary service is our Custom Sequencing Service, where we will sequence the really hard apps on an hourly basis. But we are also constantly asked to engage in all sorts of consulting engagements with enterprises and software vendors.
Software Development
TMurgent develops software. Most often, we help other vendors in the server based and hosted computing spaces develop or extend their products. Sometimes we develop our own software which we either sell or offer to the community for free.


TMurgent offers original research, training, consulting, and software development, as well as investigates application, operating system, and system/network performance issues.

Click here for a description of some previous examples of customer engagements.